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16 years and upwards




People Come To Me To Work Through:

•  Stress and Anxiety

•  Depression and Low Mood

•  Relationship Difficulties

•  Life Transitions

•  Loss and Change

•  Feeling lost in who they are and what they want


I work in an integrative way which means I can adapt therapeutic approaches to suit you and help you make sense of the way you feel.




The Key Approaches I Use:

Person Centred Therapy

Focuses on your own innate ability to make changes.  Given the core conditions of empathy, congruence and non judgement you can begin to explore and identify healthier choices. 



Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Therapy

Helps you to become aware of and understand how past experiences and relationships can be impacting on the present.



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Helps you to identify and challenge negative self beliefs and thinking patterns. Understand what needs to be different. Works on developing healthier coping strategies and realistic perspectives and goals. 

How Long Will it Take:

I believe there is no one size fits all in therapy. Some clients prefer to work towards their own ending at a pace that suits them. Others may prefer more short term, solution focused work. I believe any therapy should be collaborative and together we can discuss how to approach the work.

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